What are the classification of lamps and lanterns for home improvement

The bedside lamp is named for its use at the head of the bed, and there are two types: fixed and movable. It can meet the light demand when lying on the bedside reading newspapers, and should be warm and comfortable as the pursuit.


1. Classification by installation location

1. Bedside lamp

The bedside lamp is named for its use at the head of the bed, and there are two types: fixed and movable. It can meet the light demand when lying on the bedside reading newspapers, and should be warm and comfortable as the pursuit.

2. Mirror headlights

Mirror headlights refer to special lights placed around a mirror, which are more common in dressers or bathrooms.

So what do the headlights do? In fact, when looking in the mirror, we often turn our backs to the main light source in the room, and the mirror headlight is to add auxiliary lighting on or around the mirror to avoid the characters being dim and the color unclear.

3. Stair lights

Stair lights are dedicated lighting for corridors, and most of them use sensor switches. If there are elderly people at home, you can also set switches at the head of the bed, which can reduce the risk of getting up at night and falling. In addition, the corridor can also be installed with lamps matching the decoration style like the above picture.

4. Aisle lights

Long and narrow aisles tend to give people a sense of tension, and installing the right lighting can not only remove tension, but also make the space appear more spacious. Generally speaking, aisle lights often use multiple downlights, spotlights or wall lights to create an atmosphere.

5. Entrance lights

The entrance is a transitional space, which can facilitate the need to change shoes when entering and leaving. However, it can be called the facade of the living room, so it must be complemented by lighting, so the application of porch lights is born.

A "permanent light" can be set at the entrance, so that you will not be out of sight when you go in and out at night. Of course, the porch can choose soft lighting, which is in line with the style and color positioning of the room.

6. Wall washer

As the name suggests, the wall washer is to let the light wash the wall like water. It is mainly used for wall decoration lighting, and can also be used to outline the outline of large buildings!

2. Classification by installation method

1. Chandeliers

That is to say, there are many kinds of lamps and lanterns hanging on the ceiling. Commonly used are European-style candlestick chandeliers, Chinese-style chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, modern chandeliers, etc. There are two types of chandeliers: single-head chandeliers and multi-head chandeliers. The former is mostly used in bedrooms and dining rooms; the latter should be installed in the living room. The installation height of the chandelier, its low point should be no less than 2.2 meters from the ground.

2. Ceiling light

The ceiling lamp can be directly installed on the ceiling, easy to install, simple and elegant in style, giving the space a clear and bright feeling, suitable for lighting in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

3. Ceiling light

It generally refers to the recessive lamps embedded in the ceiling. The lamp socket is connected to the ceiling on one side. It belongs to the direct light type with downward projection. There are adjustable directional recessed lights and fixed recessed lights. This type of lamp is often used in rooms with air conditioning and ceilings, but because the ceiling lamps have a dark feeling, they are often used in conjunction with other lamps.

4. Embedded downlight
This is a recessed lamp embedded in the ceiling. The downlight does not take up space and can also increase the soft atmosphere of the room.

Built-in spotlight

Built-in spotlights can also be installed in the ceiling, mainly used to emphasize or express paintings, accessories and TV walls, etc., and can play a rhythm to increase the effect.

5. Wall lamp

Wall lamps are auxiliary lighting decorative lamps installed on indoor walls, suitable for lighting in bedrooms, bathrooms, and balconies.

The wall lamp is an auxiliary lamp, and the illumination should not be too large, so that it is more artistic. The choice of wall lamp shade should be determined according to the wall color, such as white or creamy yellow wall, light green and light blue shade can be used; lake green and sky blue For the walls, it is advisable to use milky white, light yellow and brown lampshades.
6. Desk lamp

Desk lamps generally refer to a class of lamps placed on writing desks and desks to facilitate reading, study, work and save energy. It has a small and delicate appearance and can play a certain decorative role; and the irradiation range is small and concentrated, which will not affect the light of the entire room.

Table lamps are divided into eye protection table lamps, decorative table lamps, work table lamps, etc. according to their functions, and light bulbs, plug-in lamps, lamp beads table lamps, etc. according to the light source. Decorative lamps are generally used in living rooms, bedrooms, etc., and energy-saving eye p

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